More and more people are making sacrifices to discover a way to thrive despite the challenges we face today; entrepreneurs who start their own businesses because they were too “direct” or “argumentative” for a traditional workplace; educated, debt-stricken youth who opt to work in a coffee shop or brewery so they can pursue their creative passion; Boomers who retire early or quit high paying jobs to rediscover what brings them joy; and people of all ages and genders who create dynamic networks of support so they no longer need to rely on the comforts of a traditional partnership. These voluntary explorers are joined by the countless people in our country today who adopt similarly creative lifestyles because a lack of education, racial privilege, physical or mental ability, or a clean criminal record leave traditional paths to success beyond their reach. And yet many of them are also discovering a life rich with purpose through their connection to helping others like them.

2015-04-04 16.00.43I believe that there is a harmony inherent in each of us and in the world around us, and if we uncover it we will experience a deeper sense of meaning and connection. Like a leaf on a branch, we know, often in a place hidden from thought, that all the time we spent budding, unfolding, and gently waving was to prepare us for something entirely different. And when the time comes to let go, we encounter fear and exhilaration, and a choice to be torn away or to gracefully accept gravity. We seldom see the harmony in it all because we are in the middle of the story, the chapter, or even the line. There are so many stray branches and webs and gusts of wind to divert us, but every now and then we reach an opening and can see our journey for what it is. We recognize the chaos as our song in dissonance with our lives, and with each other, as we cling too tightly or flutter too frantically. And we understand that the noise around us is simply the necessary din of an orchestra warming up for the moment when we are fully attuned and together can create beautiful music.

This blog is a way for me to peel back the layers of my story to unearth this harmony, and to provide encouragement for others on a similar path. My process feels profoundly personal, but also profoundly relevant to these times we live in, as I have witnessed the systems that organize our world becoming increasingly complex, rigid, and disaffirming, and I hear from an increasing number of people who are disengaged, restless, or angry after struggling inside them with the increasing pressures to balance caring for our bodies, families, and communities. When I realized that all I can really control is my attention and where I direct my effort, I realized that my restlessness and discontent could fuel fighting what exists or building something new. As authentic, courageous, and creative individuals in a time of great upheaval, I believe we are transforming our society through our deeply personal journeys to understand and then recraft the stories we tell about ourselves and our world so that what is inherent in us can come forward; and that we are emboldened by the comradery and inspiration that comes from recognizing we are each a part of a larger movement that will ultimately lead to greater well-being for everyone. If my beliefs and vision resonate with you, whether you see yourself as a warrior, dreamer, teacher, cheerleader, or inquisitive observer you are most heartily welcome to join me.


“The soul is always beautiful, the universe is duly in order, every thing is in its place, what has arrived is in its place and what waits shall be in its place.” – Walt Whitman

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  1. Susana Rinderle says:

    Yes. YES. YES!!! I so appreciate, and so needed this affirmation. I love your inclusive spirit, how you ground your vision in 3rd dimensional reality (without leaving the earth and floating off into woo-woo space), and I adore the metaphor of the leaf. I needed that, I need you, and the world needs You!! xo

    • says:

      Thanks so much, Sooz! I’m so glad my purpose statement resonates with you and that the metaphor works for you – it was gifted to be when I was in the forest. 🙂

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